Asphalt Repair

Timely asphalt repairs and regular pavement maintenance ultimately save property owners money in the long run. They do this by preventing minor issues from becoming more significant, more costly problems and extending the pavement’s life. New Jersey property owners should schedule pavement repairs with a trusted contractor like Elite Paving.

How Our Asphalt Repair Services Address Damaged Pavement

Elite Paving is a reputable contractor with the expertise and experience to provide top-quality repairs and maintenance services to help New Jersey property owners preserve their pavement. Each repair service we provide addresses a specific type of pavement damage.

Problem: Oxidation. Solution: Sealcoating.

Oxidation causes asphalt to fade and turn gray, especially in an older, brittle pavement that has suffered weather damage. Sealcoating provides a protective layer that restores the beauty of the asphalt, creates a barrier against the elements, and prevents moisture from seeping into the foundation.

Problem: Cracks. Solution: Crack Filling.

Moisture from rain, snow, and spills quickly deteriorates unsealed pavement by getting trapped beneath the surface and freezing during winter, causing the foundation to weaken and the surface to split. Crack filling solves gaps less than a half-inch wide and an inch deep. A high-quality hot-pour asphalt mixture fills the crack. It creates a seamless surface, followed by sealcoating to protect the new repairs.

Problem: Potholes. Solution: Pothole Repair.

Potholes form and grow due to heavy traffic and constant stress on unrepaired cracks and depressions in the pavement. For larger potholes, the solution is to call experienced contractors like Elite Paving for professional pothole repairs. Generally, our process involves cutting out the damaged section, clearing debris, pouring a pothole repair compound, and tamping it down until wholly compacted. After a 24-hour curing period, we can apply a sealcoat for a uniform finish that protects the patch.

Problem: Extensive Surface Damage. Solution: Asphalt Resurfacing.

Resurfacing is required when patching or crack filling is no longer practical due to widespread cracking, potholes, or extensive wear and tear. The process involves removing the old asphalt layer, repairing the base if necessary, and laying down a new layer compacted for a smooth surface.

Elite Paving: Not just installation! We offer quality pavement repair services for New Jersey property owners.

Don’t let driveway or parking lot damage detract from your property’s appearance and safety. Contact Elite Paving today for prompt and effective asphalt repair services in New Jersey.

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