Parking Lot Sealcoating

Sealcoating is essential to maintain the appearance and prolong the lifespan of your commercial pavement. This cost-effective service revitalizes the asphalt surface and protects it from various factors that can cause damage, influencing new life into your parking lot.

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Sealcoating Your Parking Lot: What NJ businesses need to know.

  • What is sealcoating?

    Asphalt seal coats are made by mixing coal tar pitch or asphalt cement with fillers, water, and emulsifying agents to create a thin layer that protects the commercial pavement from various elements such as oil, water, and UV rays. This helps preserve the surface and extend its lifespan.

  • Benefits of Parking Lot Sealcoating

    This pavement maintenance service offers a range of benefits, including beautifying asphalt surfaces and projecting a positive image. It fills surface voids to reduce oxidation and minimize water penetration while resisting oil and gas spills. Additionally, it makes surfaces easier to clean and maintain, increases pavement flexibility, and protects against pressure washing. By preserving asphalt for pennies per square foot, sealcoating is also a cost-effective option.

  • How often should you apply a sealcoat?

    The parking lot experts at Elite Paving LLC recommend sealcoating every 24-36 months, considering weather and traffic conditions. If your pavement shows signs of wear, tear, and fading, it’s best to have it assessed by a paving professional. Please feel free to contact us for an inspection.

The Sealcoating Process

Applying a sealant to commercial pavement involves several steps, including cleaning and preparing the surface, filling in cracks and potholes, applying the sealcoat in thin layers using specialized equipment, and allowing ample time to dry and cure. This process helps to protect the asphalt from harmful elements, extend its lifespan, and enhance its appearance.

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