Driveway repair and chip sealing near Jackson NJ

If you’re a New Jersey property owner needing driveway repair and chip sealing, look no further than Elite Paving. Our reputation as the best residential asphalt contractors in the Trenton, NJ, area was earned with driveway projects that resulted in happy homeowners. Recently, homeowners near Cresson, NJ had grass growing through their driveway and reached out to us for help. After a pavement inspection and consultation with the property owner, we restored their driveway with chip sealing.

Chip sealing is recommended when the existing pavement is in good condition with minor issues, as was the case for this Cresson, NJ, residential property. It’s a cost-effective alternative to repaving or resurfacing the entire area with concrete or asphalt. In addition, chip sealing protects the pavement from the elements, provides better skid resistance, and prevents water from penetrating the surface. As a result, chip sealing is a popular choice for rural roads, low-traffic areas, and parking lots where cost-effectiveness is a priority.

Elite Paving’s experienced professionals repaired over 9000 square feet of driveway, treating the base layer with cement before applying a 2-course chip seal with hot asphalt and pea gravel.

The chip-sealing process involves several steps:

1. Cracks or potholes in the existing pavement are filled and repaired.

2. The surface is cleaned of debris and loose material.

3. A layer of hot liquid asphalt is applied to the surface, followed by a layer of gravel, which is then rolled into the surface to ensure adhesion and coverage.

4. The experienced Elite Paving crew spread pea gravel over the parking area in front of the house to create a uniform and beautiful look.

The result was a durable, cost-effective, attractive pavement surface that withstands traffic and the elements.

With attention to detail and a commitment to quality, Elite Paving provides top-notch asphalt & concrete pavement services that will leave your property looking its best. So don’t let a damaged driveway detract from your property’s curb appeal! Call Elite Paving today to schedule your driveway repair project!

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