Milling and Paving in Freehold

In Freehold, we faced a significant challenge: an industrial property with a parking lot that had seriously deteriorated over time. When the property owner reached out to us through a Google search, we were eager to go through the property and figure out a great solution.

Upon inspecting the lot, it was evident that it needed more than just a superficial fix. The parking lot definitely needed a large remedy. The best solution for the lot was to mill and pave the entire lot. We agreed that this solution would be best long term for the property and the budget.

Our team meticulously milled the existing surface, eradicating the cracks and signs of aging. This set the stage for a smooth repaving process. As always, we prioritized both function and appearance, and it was great to see the parking area looking great. To complement the newly paved surface, we added line striping to guide traffic flow efficiently.

The feedback we received from the client post-project was much appreciated. They thanked us for our efforts and the high-quality finish we delivered. With the parking lot now refurbished, it’s prepared to meet the daily demands of industrial use.

This Freehold project serves as a shining example of what we strive for at Elite Paving LLC. Through asphalt milling, repaving, and attention to detail, we continued our mission of improving asphalt surfaces, ensuring they are as functional as they are visually appealing, one project at a time.

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