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The Premier Paving Contractor


The Premier Asphalt Paving Contractor

Asphalt pavements are relevantly easy to maintain, quick to construct and provides a secure, smooth, surface for walking and driving. Asphalt provides a long-lasting and completely recyclable hard surface at economical prices. Asphalt Paving is one of our primary activities. When we take a new asphalt paving project, we place attention on cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and quality service delivery. Our field management personnel are experts at interfacing with customers and engineers to help ensure that the unique needs of every project are addressed in a manner that exceeds expectation.

Your needs as a property owner also enjoy a high priority during the project, not only in terms of your asphalt paving requirements but also when it comes to completion time and strategy. Our asphalt services are not limited to driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and private roads but we also offer commercial construction services for our valuable clients.

Why Asphalt?

It’s an excellent choice for paving due to its superior durability, visual appeal, and fast installation time. Although it’s commonly associated with roads and driveways, asphalt offers many advantages for various applications, including commercial properties, municipal parks, schools, and industrial organizations. In addition, it provides better drive-ability, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness.

Trust Elite Paving for All Your Asphalt Needs in New Jersey

Elite Paving is the solution if you’re in New Jersey and need help with your parking lot, driveway, or roadway. We offer comprehensive installation and repair services at reasonable prices, with your needs always in mind.

Benefits of Asphalt

It provides a smooth and safe driving surface that reduces vehicle wear and has a low environmental impact. In addition, it is 100% recyclable and requires less energy to produce than other materials. Its dark color also helps to melt snow and ice faster, reducing the need for de-icing chemicals. Overall, asphalt is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for many paving projects.

Our Installation Process

Installation involves careful planning, preparation, and execution to ensure a smooth, long-lasting pavement surface. The process includes site preparation, base installation, binder layer installation, surface layer installation, finishing touches, and curing. At Elite Paving, we have the expertise and equipment to handle all aspects of the installation process.

At Elite Paving, we ensure your pavement is durable and attractive for as long as possible by focusing on quality installation work, including:

  • Site preparation
  • Excellent drainage
  • The right asphalt mix
  • Correct compaction and grading
  • Advanced finishing services

Pavement Damage & Repairs

Though asphalt pavement is solid and flexible, it does develop damage over time. Usually, it gets damaged through exposure to water and UV rays. Yearly temperature cycling can also cause cracking. Heavy traffic can cause surface imperfections and rutting.

That’s why repairs can make or break your pavement management. With professional maintenance like these, your pavement can better withstand weather and use.

  • Pothole repair
  • Crack filling
  • Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Patching
  • Infrared repairs

Elite Paving: Asphalt Specialists Serving New Jersey Property Owners

We work for our valued NJ property owners to ensure every project meets their needs. If you want a reliable and experienced contractor to install high-quality asphalt for your property, contact Elite Paving today!


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