Pothole Repair

You’re driving or parking your car, and bam! Your tire goes into a pothole, damaging your vehicle and possibly the pavement too. This is a common experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Your trusted local paving contractor has advanced methods of pothole repair.

In New Jersey, Elite Paving is the asphalt contractor trusted by more businesses to repair their commercial pavement, parking lots, and roadways. Homeowners also trust us for driveway repairs, including repairing potholes.

Asphalt Pothole Repair FAQ

Though we all know the dangers and inconveniences of potholes, it’s worth exploring what they are and how they come to be.

How do potholes form?

Pavement cracks and water gets into the layers.

When temperatures drop, this water freezes and expands.

During the day, when it’s warmer, this ice thaws and creates a void within the pavement.

A heavy vehicle puts pressure on the thin top layer.

The surface layer breaks and collapses inward, forming a hole filled with broken chunks of asphalt, water, and debris, AKA a pothole.

Can I prevent potholes?

Crack filling is the most cost-effective way to prevent expensive damage like potholes. Crack sealing involves using hot rubberized crack filler to address cracks in the early stages and prevent them from enlarging. In addition, diligently filling cracks during warmer months can help reduce the number of potholes that form during winter.

Are there different pothole repair methods?

Hot patching – The procedure involves applying hot asphalt to cover the damaged surface and form a patch. This patch helps prevent water from penetrating and causing additional harm to your pavement.

Saw cutting – In the saw-cut patch repair method, deteriorated pavement areas are cut out using a saw. The removed sections are then filled with hot mix asphalt to the desired depth, resulting in a more permanent solution.

Asphalt milling – Milling is a process of grinding the pavement surface down and then adding a new layer to increase pavement thickness.

Who do I call for permanent pothole repair in New Jersey? Elite Paving!

We’re a family-owned and operated asphalt paving and repair company that’s spent over 40 years in the industry. We have the expertise and equipment to fix even the worst pavement permanently.

Don’t let potholes damage your vehicle or property any longer. Contact Elite Paving today for fast and reliable pothole repair services in New Jersey.

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